About us

*Yoga is for everyone. Whether you are old, young, male or female, you can enjoy a yoga practice to calm your mind and strengthen the body.


We started with one goal in mind: to make yoga accessible to everyone by offering thoughtfully created yoga mats and wellness tools that would provide the best foundation for an empowering yoga practice.

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, our idea began to take flight. Since the quarantine began in March 2020, we began to see that the world was experiencing new and significant levels of stress, along with physical pain and weight gain. We sought out numerous books and articles about yoga and its core benefits and realized just how invaluable this practice is and could be for all of us.

We purchased and studied various brands and styles of yoga mats. We had some of our family and friends test out mats as well. What we realized is that all of them either lacked a necessary amount of grip, were not very comfortable to lie on, or became too slippery during the more vigorous or sweaty practices. 

We were all new to yoga at the time, so we found that the mats with alignments markers helped us stay aligned and get the most out of our practice. We soon realized how important having these visual guides were in helping us to keep our gaze on a specific point and remain stabilized in each posture. 

These findings led us to the Power of Dots Alignment. We found that using dots for alignment made our yoga practice easier, and being new to yoga ourselves, we knew the incorporation of these dots would especially help those who are also new to yoga. Being able to focus on the dots and knowing exactly where to put our hands and feet took out some of the guesswork, which allowed us to be more present and meditative in our practice.

After a few months of the designing-manufacturing-testing cycle, we combined all of the most important features of a yoga mat to discover a yoga mat where optimal design meets high quality. 

Whether you are an experienced yogi or completely new to the practice, we hope you enjoy this mat as much as we do and encourage you to keep practicing no matter where you are. 


We are committed to developing and providing thoughtfully crafted and eco-friendly wellness tools that benefit not only you but the environment too.


For every order, we donate 1 US dollar to support hunger relief initiatives worldwide. Thank you for helping us continue our support for The Global Goals, World Food Programme, and Action Against Hunger.