Pal Yoga Mat - Turtle Green.
Pal Yoga Mat - Turtle Green.
Pal Yoga Mat - Turtle Green.
Pal Yoga Mat - Turtle Green.
Pal Yoga Mat - Turtle Green.
Pal Yoga Mat - Turtle Green.
Pal Yoga Mat - Turtle Green.
Pal Yoga Mat - Turtle Green

Pal Yoga Mat - Turtle Green

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Premium 4 mm Thick Mat, Eco-friendly, High-Performance Grip, Cushioned to Support in Yoga, Pilates, and other Exercises. Bag included. (Turtle Green)


Natural organic rubber and eco-polyurethane. Non-toxic material, engraved, no-ink, and PVC-free. Good for you and for the environment too.


Enjoy your yoga practice with a solid grip on the mat. The top layer is made of a specially engineered form of polyurethane, which is high-quality, hygienic and absorbs moisture.


High resilience mat, strong breathable water absorption. Quick absorption of sweat to avoid slipping and sliding, empowering you well during your practice. The mat is sized just right, 183 cm length and 68 cm width, to be used by men, women, and kids. Easy to clean with cleaning instructions coming with the mat.


Get guidance and master your asanas with the power of dots guide on the mat. Dots are big and easy on the eye, with a central big dot at the top, at the middle, and at the bottom to focus on when needed.


The bag is included with the mat, to provide it with the highest protection and move the mat with you wherever you go, to the class, to the gym or just on the beach.


  • Dimensions: 183 cm x 68 cm; 4mm
  • Weight: 2.8 kg (approx.) 


  • We recommend cleaning the mat every 5-10 uses. Please note our mats are earth friendly and durable, but over cleaning will wear the material faster.
  • Wipe the mat with cloth dipped in dish soap diluted in lots of water, wipe gently with a cloth.


  • Let the mat dry after yoga class or cleaning activity.
  • Roll the mat with the top surface outside (dots guide to be outside) to let the mat stay flat during your practice.
  • Store out of direct sunlight.


  • Do not use washing machine or dryer.
  • Do not use chemical mat cleaner spray or oil sprays.
  • For mat layer protection, avoid having lotions or rings on hands/feet before practice.
  • If you have any questions, please reach out to us on:

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Elise Nassour
A new meaning to my yoga sessions

Thank you for the amazing product!
I love my new mat, it is a totally different experience now that I am using it in my yoga sessions!

May M.
Perfect investment for life-long mat!

This wellnesspal mat is beyond amazing! really worth every dirham paid on it and here is why:
Good thickness, great texture, non-slippery, and earth friendly because organic! What a deal for me, every time I use it I feel confident that it will guide me through alignment system on it. Highly recommended for anyone who look to invest in a really good mat. Plus comes with a bag no need to go and buy another thing for it

Anita M.
Love the new mat

Such a pretty design... Love practicing on my new elegant mat!

Maisoon F.
Wow! Love it!

Amazing organic mat looks so elegant and extremely fast delivery! I got it after less than 24 hours of ordering it! Customer experience at its best 5 stars! Worth every penny

Warith I.

So love with turtle green mat and such a wonderful feeling when standing on it. Natural organic rubber with solid grip. My practice is always advance and I sweat a lot during the practice, more I sweat more stronger grip I get. High resilience mat, strong breathable water absorption and it’s earth friendly.



Green sea turtle are endangered. We will be contributing USD 1 of every sale (beside our hunger initiative).

All stages of a green sea turtle's life are affected by environmental conditions such as temperature and climate change, as well as mistaking floating plastic materials for jellyfish and can choke on them when they try to eat them. Making fatal results to their existence.


The picture is copyright of / Jordi Chias / WWF